Shiwan Wine Group Award Ceremony | Rice Wine Brands

Aug 18, 2021

        On August 17, Chancheng District people's Government and Foshan Customs in Chancheng District office jointly held the certification ceremony, Chancheng District Deputy District Governor Yan Xuefeng president AEO advanced certification enterprise certificate to Zhong Chang Gui, the CEO of Shiwan Wine Group.

        Shiwan Wine Group is the first new AEO advanced certification enterprise in Chancheng District this year. Its predecessor was Chen Taiji Distillery founded in 1830. Its products have been sold overseas since 1917 and registered in customs more than 20 years, and it has maintained stable development in export business.

        "Through the customs advanced certification, not only the company's import and export system become more standard and management level has been improved, but also for the national and international strategy of Guangdong Baijiu to provide a strong credibility guarantee, our products are now exported to Canada, the United States, and Australia. Zhong Changgui, president of Shiwan Wine Group, said that after obtaining AEO advanced certification, the enterprise's brand value and product recognition have been further enhanced worldwide and become more competitive.

AEO certification system

        AEO stands for "Certified Operator". AEO system is a core system established by the World Customs Organization in the Framework of Standards for Global Trade Security and Facilitation. AEO qualification has been recognized as the "green pass" for global trade by various countries (regions) in the world. Enterprises through the advanced certification enterprise this "golden sign", not only can enjoy priority in domestic customs, reduce the frequency of supervision, reduce the cost of customs clearance, shorten customs clearance time and other convenient and preferential measures, Besides, it can also enjoy customs clearance convenience from 46 countries and regions of 20 economies that have realized AEO mutual recognition with China, and trustworthy joint incentive measures formulated by 39 national ministries and commissions and institutions such as National Development and Reform Commission and People's Bank of China.

        Next, Shiwan Wine group will further in strict accordance with the customs requirements, we will continue to strengthen management, handle affairs according to law, the good faith management, properly using AEO senior certification of this "golden signboard", further enhance the product competitiveness and influence in the international market, to make more substantial contribution to the Foshan development of foreign trade.
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