1. Centuries-old witness to the Qing Dynasty
    The Gucheng wine cellar of Shiwan Winery Group now has more than 400 ancient Taocheng in the Qing Dynasty (has been appraised by experts of the provincial cultural relics appraisal station), and is still being used for the storage of scarce high-end liquors. More than 100 years of history, a large number of ceramic wine Chengqu cultural relics. There was a Shiwan winery where the ancient pottery empty wine cellar was placed in the exhibition hall for more than 15 years, but the mellow wine aroma can still be smelled near the wine cellar mouth. Many people were amazed by this because it lasted for more than 100 years. In the process of wine storage, the wine molecules have completely merged with the Cheng wall to reproduce a rich microbial community, which is also the most effective and direct cultural relic that has witnessed the nearly 200-year history of Guangdong Shiwan Winery Group.

2. Carry on traditional skills
   The wine cakes used by the Shiwan Winery Group are produced in the self-built wine cake factory using more than 180 years of unique traditional natural secrets. The cooking, cooling, cake pressing and drying processes are all strictly controlled by traditional manual operations. .

3. Create the best wine in Lingnan
   The Shiwan Winery Group's cave storage wine cellar is made from the necessary safe repairs on the basis of a natural cave, and it is also a rare cave wine cellar in Guangdong. The temperature in the cave is stable at about 25°C for many years, and it is warm in winter and cool in summer. After years of propagation, a rich alcoholic micro-reaction group has been formed on the cave wall and inside, and the mature alcohol molecules are released to make the wine liquid unique. Taste. The unique environment is conducive to accelerating alcoholization and aging, so it is known as "one year in the cave, three years in the world", and it is really a holy place for storing wine.
   The cave can store more than 1,000 tons of liquor, sealed with a ceramic wine tank, each pot capacity of 1,000 kg. At present, many kinds of liquor are stored. The oldest liquor has been for decades. The original wines of the high-end products of the elegant and elegant Shiwan Jade Ice Burning Series are all from here; while the walls of the ceramic wine tank have micro holes, which can breathe and sustain. Volatile impurities, such as acetaldehyde, olefins, etc. In addition, the relatively constant temperature of the pottery jar also plays a role in the stable protection and continuous alcoholization of wine quality.
   Under the dual action of the natural environment of the cave and the ceramic wine tank, the quality of the Shiwan wine's middle-to-high grade products is more mellow and unique. The liquors that come out of the cave are all yellowish in color, clear and transparent, elegant in flavor, soft and round, and the body of the wine. Plump, pleasant aftertaste, sweet and refreshing, and long aftertaste, it is hard to find a drop, like a golden drop, and it is the dream wine of the elite.

4. Set sail from a new starting point towards the whole country and the world
   Since 2013, Shiwan Winery Group has merged and merged Guangdong Yangchun Winery Co., Ltd. and Foshan Diyi Wine Industry Co., Ltd. through capital injection, reorganization, and rapidly expanded the scale of the enterprise. Become a professional wine industry group. In 2018, the fifth production base of Shiwan Winery Group was settled in Linli, Hunan, forming an industrial scale with a total of five bases in Chancheng, Foshan, Sanshui, Yangchun, and Linli, Hunan, as well as traditional soy-flavored wines, medium-to-high-end elegant wines  Three categories of health wine structure,build a product system with perfect process technology production system and Lingnan characteristic style, and realize the upgrade of the integrated hardware platform in Guangdong area. The Guangdong Wine Aircraft Carrier set sail at a new starting point to lead a new journey.
    Shiwan Winery Group will invest more resources to achieve a comprehensive improvement in product quality, process technology, packaging, marketing, etc., to reach the domestic first-class level, and through the exploration and extension of Guangdong real estate wine history and culture, comprehensively enhance Guangdong real estate The quality image and value image of wine effectively guide and nurture consumers, break the market situation where Guangdong real estate wine has been monopolized by foreign brands, and realize the dream of Guangdong real estate wine going to the national and even the world market.