Guangdong Shiwan winery group has been preparing to build Lingnan Wine Culture Museum since 2009. It took more than 4 years to collect and prepare historical data. The total investment is 40 million yuan (excluding the cost of cultural relics collection) to complete the first phase of museum construction. The museum is located in the headquarters of Shiwan winery group, which has been continuously brewed and produced for more than 180 years in Guangdong Province. Its location is the predecessor of Shiwan winery and the location of chentaiji winery, which was founded in 1830, Daoguang decade of the Qing Dynasty. First phase area of the Museum 9000 square meters, a large-scale wine culture museum in Guangdong Province, is positioned as an experiential Industry Museum. It aims to show the long-standing Lingnan Wine Culture, traditional brewing techniques and related witness materials to the public, demonstrate the Lingnan Wine Culture and the legendary history and culture of Shiwan winery group with a combination of fresh, fashionable and trendy activities, and guide consumers through healthy experience To cultivate a healthy and happy concept of wine consumption and life, and build it into a cultural facility that integrates exhibition, visit, leisure, amusement, experience, souvenir and specialty sales, and has typical dynamic cultural elements of Lingnan.

   The main body of Lingnan Wine Culture Museum is divided into four parts: the first floor is the product exhibition hall; the second floor to the fourth floor is the wine making process site (the third floor is the "Chen Taiji winery", which displays the ancient methods of Lingnan Wine Making with traditional manual wine making process); the fifth floor and the auxiliary building are the wine tasting experience hall, the ancient Cheng wine cellar, the world famous wine hall and the Lingnan Wine Culture Square; the sixth floor is the wine culture and history exhibition hall, It is mainly divided into four parts: the history of wine (including Chinese wine and Lingnan Wine), Chen Taiji and Shiwan wine, Lingnan Wine custom and taste, and wine and health preservation. Among them, there are more than 400 ancient Taocheng in the Qing Dynasty (identified by experts of provincial cultural relics appraisal station), which are still used for the storage of rare high-end liquor. It is a ceramic wine group cultural relic that has been continuously used for more than 100 years in China, with a large number. Once there was a stone bay wine factory ancient pottery empty wine group placed in the exhibition hall for more than 15 years, but it is still close to jiuchengkou It's amazing that many people can smell the mellow wine. This is because, in the process of more than 100 years of continuous wine storage, the wine molecules have been completely integrated with Chengbi, breeding a rich microbial community, which is also the most effective and direct cultural relic to witness the 190 year history of Guangdong Shiwan distillery group.

   Lingnan Wine Culture Museum is located in the production protection demonstration base of intangible cultural heritage in Guangdong Province. It is also a popular science education base, Lingnan culture and education base, community education service station, and industrial tourist attraction in Foshan City. With the reconstruction of zhuzilou Street project and the largest rice storage tank painting project in China, the museum is gradually becoming a wine art exhibition A tourist attraction integrating entertainment and wine culture experience.

    Address: Shiwan winery group headquarters building, No.106, Taiping Street, Shiwan, Chancheng District, Foshan City

    WeChat official account: lingnan-jiu/ south of the Five Ridges Wine Culture Museum