Guangdong Shiwan Wine Group Co, Ltd. is a professional Baijiu industry group headquartered in ShiwanTown,Chancheng District,Foshan City.Its predecessor was the "Taiji Chen distillery" founded in the Daoguang Decade of the Qing Dynasty (1830). "Taiji Chen distillery" is located at Zhuzi Street, Shiwan, which is currently No. 106 Taiping Street. It has a history of 190 years. It is a long-established Chinese brand that is still produced on the original site in Guangdong. It is well-known for its excellent brewing of pure grain wine。
      The production capacity of the group reaches 100,000 tons, and it has passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification and HACCP system certification. It is the drafting unit of the national standard of "Soy-Flavor baijiu" and the secretariat unit of the National Soy flavor Liquor Sub-Committee. The group is the“Top 100 Liquor Enterprises”and "AAA enterprise credit evaluation”in china。
      The leading product, Shiwan Yu bing shao, has successively won the titles of National high-quality Liquor in 1984, Chinese Liquor Soy-flavor Representative Products in 2006, and has been approved as a National Geographical Symbol Protection Product in 2015. It is a representative liquor in Guangdong with three national reputation. It has been sold overseas as early as 1917, it has been loved and recognized by international consumers for more than 100 years。

Company Advantage


Taiji Chen Distillery

    The brewing place is located in Zhuzi street(currently No. 106 Taiping Street), Shiwan, Foshan. It has been continuously produced in the original site since its founding. It is famous at home and abroad for its good brewing of pure grain wine. It is a China time-honored brand with rich history and cultural heritage. Century-old distillery takes the mission of Carrying forward culture of Lingnan liquor and brewing forever.


    It was founded in 1830, the 10th year of Daoguang in the Qing Dynasty. It is one and only China time-honored brand with continuous production for more than 190 years int the same site.Rice-flavor Baijiu is one of the four basic flavor types in China. Soy-flavor Baijiu is also one of the twelve flavor Baijiu types in China and a typical representative of Xiaoqu liquor. With profound cultural heritage, It inherits the earliest solid and liquid fermentation technology of Chinese liquor.

Brewing technology

    In the brewing process, it maintains the traditional manual technology and adheres to high-quality brewing.Shiwan Yubingshao has won the title of national high-quality liquor and representative product of Chinese liquor flavor(Soy-flavor), and has been approved as national geographic indication protection product.It is a representative; liquor in Guangdong with three national reputation.In addition, Elegant-flavor products represent Guangdong Baijiu and show Chinese taste.