Distillery History

     Founded in 1830, Daoguang decade of the Qing Dynasty, it is the only Lingnan old winery in China with continuous production of more than 190 years. It is also the Chinese liquor winery awarded "China liquor winery alliance No. 002" by China Liquor Association.

Distillery Product

    In 1895, Chen Ruyue, the third generation owner of Chen Taiji Winery, founded Chen Wilde, a "wild strain, only picking wine, pottery vault", which created a pure and pure wine. The source of wine. Chen Taiji winery is brewed in accordance with natural ancient methods, which is different from laboratory cultivation of bacteria and automated production. It adheres to the key links from wild bacteria cultivation, koji (wine cake), material selection, mixing, to fermentation. Manual operation guarantees small and precise features.
    From ancient times to the present, with the collection of natural raw materials and wild fungi, the cave of Chenzang as the core, Chen Taiji winery follows the winemaking secrets of "Tianzhuangjizang", which has achieved the quality characteristics of Chen Taiji winery "clear and pure" , Laid the status of one of the two major styles of Chinese liquor.

Distillery Quality

    The brewed wines are all stored in Chen Taiji wine storage cave "Feng Tai Cave". The temperature in the cave is stable at around 25°C for many years, and it is warm in winter and cool in summer. Under the coexistence and nourishment and mutual promotion of the cave and the liquor for many years, the air in Fengtai Cave merges with the aroma of wine, the smell is elegant, and a rich alcoholic microbial group is reproduced. The cave walls are covered with magic stalactite-like wine Bacteria, some wine fungi also present a colorful visual spectacle, naturally-occurring microorganisms form a closed and unique small environment, which is conducive to the stability of wine molecules, aging and mellow evolution. Achievement of the "clear and pure" quality characteristics of Chen Taiji winery. The unique environment is beneficial to the alcohol liquor to accelerate alcoholization and aging, so it is called "one year in the hole, three years in the world". The "Chen Taiji Winery Wine" has a wine collection of more than 19 years each year. There are only 10,000 bottles of wine each year, and only targeted quotas are reserved for Chen Taiji winery guests.