Guangdong Shiwan Baijiu Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Group") is a professional wine industry group headquartered in Shiwan Town, Chancheng District, Foshan City. Its predecessor was the "Taiji Chen distillery" founded in the Daoguang Decade of the Qing Dynasty (1830). "Taiji Chen distillery" is located at Zhuzi Street, Shiwan, which is currently No.106 Taiping Street. It has a history of nearly 200 years so far. It is a long-established Chinese brand that is still produced on the original site in Guangdong. It is well-known for its excellent brewing of pure grain wine. The annual liquor production capacity of the group reaches 100,000 tons, and it has passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification and HACCP system certification. It is the drafting unit of the national standard of "Soy-Flavor baijiu" and the secretariat unit of the National Soy-Flavor Liquor Sub-Committee. The group is the “Top 100 Liquor Enterprises” and "AAA enterprise credit evaluation” in china,  which is also ranking among the “top 500 enterprises” and the “top 100 manufacturing enterprises” in Guangdong.

    The Group currently has five bases, of which the base area of Chancheng District is Lingnan Wine Culture Block, the headquarters hub center, and the brewing and production center of soy-flavor and elegant-flavor baijiu; the base of Sanshui District is the supporting project center of soy-flavor baijiu; both Yangchun base and the Sanshui base are the Lingnan Nutritious liquor centers. And the Hunan Linli base is the Baijiu supporting production center outside Guangdong Province, becoming the frontier fulcrum across the country. The Group has four core brands, among which "Shiwan" has a brand value evaluation of 965 million yuan in 2019, ranking among the top 60 Chinese liquor; and the Taiji Chen brand has been extended since 1830 and has been re-registered in the People's Republic of China in 1951.; both the "Chun Hua Pai  Brand" and the "Sparrow brand “ are time-honored brand in Guangdong.

    The leading product, Shiwan Yubingshao, has successively won the titles of National high-quality Liquor, Chinese Liquor Soy-flavor Representative Products, and has been approved as a National Geographical Symbol Protection Product. It is a representative liquor in Guangdong with three national reputation. as early as 1917 It has been sold overseas, it has been loved by international consumers and recognized by the market for more than 100 years; the Chunhua brand Chunsharen liquor is a product that has won the title of "national high-quality liquor" in the classification of health wine; Diyi wine is one of Guangdong's earliest nationwide middle to high class nutritious wine. The original elegant-flavor product is a typical middle to high class liquor with successful market operation and rapid growth. It is also highly praised by the national liquor authoritative experts. It is called "the best wine in the sea, the high quality of the southern country" and the "appreciation liquor". Among them, "Shiwan Yubingshao 6" and "Shiwan Yubingshao 9" has won the international authority of the 2015 and 2017 Concours Mondial De Bruxelles, representing typical taste of Guangdong liquor.

    The Group, as a large-scale liquor enterprise and nutritious wine enterprise in Guangdong, focuses on making traditional soy-flavor liquor with Lingnan characteristics, original middle-to-high-grade elegant-flavor liquor and nutritious wine made from animal & plant as raw materials , Committed to the realization of Guangdong liquor to the international market, and promoting this Lingnan cultural to sail the world.