Where to Buy Authentic Guangdong Rice Cooking Wine?

Jun 25, 2024

Guangdong rice cooking wine, known for its sweet and mellow flavor, is a key ingredient in many Chinese dishes. Finding authentic Guangdong rice cooking wine can enhance your culinary experience. Here are some tips on where to buy this essential cooking wine.

1. Online Marketplaces

Alibaba is a prominent online marketplace where you can find a variety of Guangdong rice-cooking wines. The platform offers a wide range of options, from premium to more affordable choices. When purchasing from Alibaba, ensure you check the product details, including the ingredients and alcohol content, to ensure authenticity and quality.

2. Specialty Grocery Stores

Grocery stores often carry a variety of brands and types, allowing you to choose based on your preference and budget.

3. Direct from Distilleries

Purchasing directly from distilleries can ensure you get a high-quality product. For instance, Shiwan Distillery offers traditional rice wines, including Te Chun Mi Jiu and Green Plum Wine, which are popular in Guangdong Province and Southeast Asia. Buying directly from distilleries can also provide insights into the production process and the quality of the ingredients used.

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Selecting a high-quality Guangdong rice cooking wine can significantly enhance the flavor of your dishes. Guangdong rice cooking wine, known for its rich history and superior brewing techniques, is a staple in many Chinese kitchens. Here are some reasons why you can trust Shiwan.

Understand the Origin and History

Guangdong Shiwan Wine Group Co., Ltd., a renowned name in the Baijiu industry, has a rich history dating back to 1830. The company, originally known as "Taiji Chen Distillery," has been producing high-quality rice wine for over 190 years at its original site in Shiwan, Foshan City. This long-standing tradition ensures a deep-rooted expertise in brewing techniques.

Check for Authenticity and Certifications

When selecting rice-cooking wine, look for products from reputable brands like Guangdong Shiwan Wine Group. Our products have passed ISO9001 international quality system certification and HACCP system certification, ensuring high standards of quality and safety. Additionally, their leading product, Shiwan Yu Bing Shao, has been recognized as a National Geographical Symbol Protection Product, which guarantees its authenticity and quality.

Examine the Ingredients

High-quality rice-cooking wine should be made from pure grains. Guangdong Shiwan Wine Group is known for its excellent brewing of pure grain wine, which contributes to the rich and authentic flavor of its products.

Consider the Flavor Profile

Rice cooking wine from Guangdong, particularly from Shiwan Distillery, is known for its unique flavor profile. The traditional brewing process, which includes aging with pork, imparts a distinctive taste that sets it apart from other rice wines. This unique process enhances the wine's depth and complexity, making it a perfect addition to various recipes.

Awards and Recognition

Shiwan Yu Bing Shao has won multiple accolades, including the National High-Quality Liquor title and recognition as a representative product of Chinese liquor flavor (Soy-flavor). Such awards reflect the product's excellence and reliability.

Evaluate the Packaging

High-quality rice-cooking wine is often packaged in a way that preserves its flavor and quality. Look for well-sealed bottles that protect the wine from exposure to air and light, which can degrade its quality over time. Guangdong Shiwan Wine Group's products are known for their careful packaging, ensuring that the wine retains its optimal flavor until it reaches your kitchen.

Reviews and Recommendations

Guangdong Shiwan Wine Group's products have been well-received both domestically and internationally, with a history of being loved and recognized by consumers for many years.

Tips for Buying Authentic Guangdong Rice Cooking Wine

Check the Ingredients: Authentic Guangdong rice cooking wine should have a simple ingredient list, typically including glutinous rice, water, and a natural fermentation starter. Avoid products with artificial additives or excessive salt.
Look for Proper Fermentation and Aging: High-quality rice wine should be properly fermented and aged to develop its flavor. Check the product details for information on the fermentation process.
Evaluate the Color and Clarity: The wine should be clear with no cloudiness or sediment, indicating proper filtration and fermentation.
Consider the Alcohol Content: Guangdong rice wine typically has an alcohol content of around 18-25% ABV. Ensure the wine you select falls within this range for optimal cooking results.
Brand Reputation: Choose well-known brands with a good reputation for quality. Research and read reviews to ensure you are getting a reliable product.


Finding authentic Guangdong rice cooking wine can significantly enhance your culinary creations. Whether you choose to buy from online marketplaces, specialty grocery stores, direct from distilleries, or wholesale suppliers, ensure you check the product details and choose a reputable brand. Guangdong Shiwan Wine Group Co., Ltd. is a professional Baijiu industry group headquartered. We can be your ideal choice. Please feel free to contact us for more information.