What are the benefits of drinking baijiu in autumn? How to drink is good for your health

Sep 28, 2020

If summer is the prevailing season for beer, then liquor is a "tonic" in autumn. Many people like to drink baijiu in autumn to warm up the body and stomach. What are the benefits of drinking liquor in autumn?

Enhance human defense function:

There are nearly 1500 biologically active ingredients in liquor, which is the highest in the world. Liquor contains five categories: pyrazines, terpenes, lactones, furans and organic acids, among which more than 200 kinds of functional ingredients are beneficial to human health. These biologically active ingredients in liquor can enhance the body's defense function and regulate the circadian rhythm, thereby playing a certain role in preventing diseases and promoting recovery. Therefore, drinking some liquor in autumn can enhance the body's defense function.

Regulate and nourish the body:

As the old saying goes: "Wine is the essence of food". Liquor brewed with grain is the essence extracted from whole grains. In the natural fermentation process, liquor absorbs the spirit of heaven and earth and merges with the natural gas. This season is a good time for people to nourish and nourish their bodies. Therefore, drinking white wine in an appropriate amount in autumn and absorbing the brewing essence from nature is very beneficial to the regulation and nourishment of the human body.

Liquor slows down aging:

Autumn is suitable for warming and tonic. In addition to preventing diseases, liquor also has the effect of beauty and beauty. 90% of the cosmetics used by ladies contain alcohol. Liquor, especially Yanghe wine, has a variety of trace substances with super antioxidants, which can improve the body's metabolism, dilute the pigment, and make the skin whiter and smoother. People who drink alcohol look younger than their peers.

Liquor can calm the nerves and help sleep:

Autumn is also the season for energy storage in winter. It is calming and nourishing. The ingredients in liquor are very complex, and many of these substances are necessary for human health. Spring is sleepy and autumn is lacking. In autumn, drinking a small amount of liquor before going to bed is good for sleep, and can stimulate the secretion of gastric juice and saliva, and play a role in strengthening the stomach.

Drinking some white wine in an appropriate amount in autumn has many benefits for the body, but just like a double-edged sword, it is better to drink in moderation. Whether you are a man or a woman, you should drink liquor in moderation, and pay attention to the wine pairing to taste the better taste of liquor.