Learn about the precautions for buying baijiu.

Nov 16, 2020

baijiu, one of the more common drinks in our lives, has a long history. Now whether it is a party or entertainment, wine is an indispensable drink. So when we are buying baijiu, what matters should we pay attention to?

1. Look at the brand

When buying liquor, you should first choose products produced by large and medium-sized enterprises. The quality of this liquor is relatively superior, with good sensory quality and physical and chemical indicators. The low-level products can also maintain its unique style.

2. Look at the date

Do not buy Sanwu liquor products without production date, factory name, and factory location.

3. Look carefully at the outer packing box

The outer packaging box for high-quality liquor is neat and hard, with shock-proof and anti-collision spacer materials inside, and the box pattern is beautifully printed. The handwriting is clear.


4. Look at the packaging

Liquor carton paper is thin, hard, beautiful in appearance, exquisite in printing, and coordinated in color. In addition, the better liquor bottles have good surface finish and uniform glass texture. The caps are mostly aluminum twist-off type anti-theft caps or plastic cover plastic sleeves, and wine labels with the name of the factory or wine, with a cap. Function, once the cover is opened, it will break, preventing someone from using the original packaging to counterfeit.

5. Look at the label

According to the requirements of food labeling standards, producers should mark these contents on the liquor label: wine name, producer name, address, product standard number and quality grade, ingredient list, alcohol content, net content, flavor, production date, specification, Production license number, etc.

6. Look at the inner quality

Normal liquor should be colorless, transparent, free of suspended matter and sediment. If the packaging is colorless and transparent, you can hold the wine bottle in your hand and slowly turn it upside down to see if there is any impurities.