Chinese rice wine brands | The cultural history of rice wine

Oct 27, 2021

Rice wine is one of the oldest wines in the world, and the quality of yeast koji determines the quality of the wine. Originated in China, and only in China, it is called the world's three largest ancient wines along with beer and wine. About 3,000 years ago, during the Shang and Zhou Dynasties, the Chinese invented the double fermentation method of distiller's yeast and began to brew a large amount of rice wine. The rice wine is produced in a wide range and has many varieties. The famous ones are: Fangxian rice wine, Jiujiang sealed cylinder wine, Shaoxing old wine, Jimo old wine, Fujian old wine, Wuxi Huiquan wine, Jiangyin black du wine, Shaoxing champion red, daughter red, Anhui Gunan Feng, Zhangjiagang Shazhou Youhuang, Wujiang Wugong Old Wine, Suzhou Tongli Red, Shanghai Old Wine, Hebi Yuhe Double Yellow, Nantong Baipu Yellow Wine, Jiangsu Jintan and Danyang Sealed Cylinder Wine, Hunan Jiahe Pour Cylinder Wine, Henan Double Yellow Wine , Henan Liuji rice wine, Guangdong Hakka mother wine, Hubei old rice wine, Shaanxi Xiecun rice wine, Shaanxi Huangguan rice wine, etc.
Rice wine is a special product of the Han nationality in China and belongs to brewed wine. It occupies an important place in the world's three major brewing wines (rice wine, wine and beer). The brewing technology is unique and has become a typical representative and model of the oriental brewing industry.
chinese rice wine brands