3 benefits of drinking green plum wine

Sep 03, 2021

1. Regulate gastrointestinal function
Green plum has the effect of promoting body fluids and appetizing, soothing the mind and sleeping. The ingredients in green plum wine help improve indigestion and loss of appetite. Drinking a glass of plum wine before going to bed can promote blood circulation, warm the body, and relieve mental stress at the same time, allowing you to sleep warmly until morning. People who can't drink enough can add some hot water to drink, and it will have the same effect. In addition, the catechin in green plum can promote the peristalsis of the intestines, and has a significant effect on constipation (especially pregnant women) and diarrhea.
2. Detoxification and anti-calculus effect
Harmful components in food are excreted through liver metabolism and kidneys. Green plum is rich in organic acids, which can improve the detoxification effect of the liver, and can prevent fat from depositing in the liver and protect the liver. Green plum also has the effect of preventing stones. Because it is rich in citric acid, the calcium in the blood is easy to dissolve after combining with citric acid, so it can reduce the formation of stones.
3. Anti-aging, anti-aging, beauty and beauty
Green plum wine can promote the formation and secretion of parotid hormone in the salivary glands, which is also called "youth hormone", parotid hormone can promote metabolism, delay aging, make women ruddy complexion, shiny skin, and make skin tissues and blood vessels tend to be younger.