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Refined rice wine is popular due to its sweet and mellow flavor. Traditional Rice Wine is a kind of white wine with a special aroma, which is very popular in Guangdong Province and Southeast Asia. The quality of the rice, water, and the specific strains of yeast and mold used can greatly influence the flavor and characteristics of the final product.

The way rice wine is served and consumed varies by region and type. It can be served at different temperatures, ranging from chilled to warm, depending on personal preference and the type of rice wine. 

It's important to note that the production and consumption of traditional rice wine have evolved over time, and there are modern variations and commercial brands available alongside the traditional methods. Additionally, each region may have its own unique variations and customs associated with rice wine production and consumption.

Yu Bing Shao is one of the representatives. Other traditional rice wines like Te Chun Mi Jiu, Green Plum Wine, and Steeped Wine can also be found in Shiwan Distillery. You can find more information here.

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